Sunday, May 14, 2017

Playing with Color Burst

I received a set of Color Burst watercolor powders by Ken Oliver for my birthday.  My first play with them was a really dark ugly mess.  So far they've been really hard for me to control the powder.

This time around didn't start out much better either.  I would get either too little powder or way too much powder on the paper.  I tried squeezing small puffs of powder and tried shaking.  My daughter now tells me to tap.  So next time I will tap.  

I punched hearts from the better pieces,

stamped some words on them, inked the edges then stitched them to my card base.  Then added a tiny puffy heart sticker to each heart. 
The stitches on the left are a rubber stamp.  I love this stamp set that includes a variety of stitches.

I used two different sentiment stamps on the inside of the card.

My parents will be married 68 years come June 5th. 


Anne with an e said...

They're powder? o.O I wouldn't know how to use 'em either lol
Your card came out pretty tho! And 68 years- wow :) <3

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Happy anniversary to your parents too wow! I have never seen those powders before, but your hearts and card look so pretty.

Sandy said...

Your card certainly turned out beautifully Annie!
sandy xx

sheila 77 said...

I can see that these tubes/tubs could be difficult to control. They don't look as if they have a good delivery mechanism. Having said that, I very much like what you have done, even made a subtle background for your card. I wonder how you did that. I love these brightly coloured cut-out hearts and they are even better once you have given them the Annie-stamp treatment. A stamp that stamps stitches? who'd have guessed it. Love the little added hearts too.
Happy 68th to your parents.

Renee said...

I think you did an excellent job with the product! The tiny hearts added are precious. Wishing your parents all the best on their anniversary.

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

I've not got those ones but I have brushos and Infusions which are very one stage I was banned from using brushos as I made so much mess everywhere!! Yes less is definitely more Annie!! Love your gorgeous card and a happy anniversary to your parents too :)
Donna xx

Judy1522 said...

You did a great job with the card in spite of the trouble you had. That is a beautiful Anniversary card you made for them and I am very impressed with 68 years of marriage

Margik said...

Hi Annie, You have made a fantastic card with your new products, those hearts look really fabulous. Happy Birthday!!!
Mar xx

Createology said...

Congratulations to your Parents for 68 Years of Marriage. I love the burst of vibrant colors you have achieved. Hearts are Tiimeless...<3

jenclair said...

What a beautiful card for your parents' anniversary! Congratulations to them both for such a awesome accomplishment in this day and age!

quiltingbydawn said...

Quite the milestone! Beautiful card to help celebrate!

tink's mom said...

The hearts are a great salvage item. They look wonderful on the card for your folks.